Land Based Well Casing Repairs & Maintenance

MADCON Services Strengthening-Conductors Well Casings Project

Case Study: Five Year Maintenance & Repair Contract, Land-Based Wells for U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Operator: Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations), Exposed Casing In Concrete Sump Creates Hot Spot For Corrosion, MADCON SCR Process For Corrosion Protection And Casing Reinforcement. (Patent Protected)

Conductor Repairs – 19 Years in Service

Strengthening Conductors and Well Casings Project

In 1999, MADCON was contacted by a major international oil & gas operator to develop a structural repair method for severely corroded or damaged conductors & well casings. The first installation was on the conductors below in the year 2000.

Splash Zone Corrosion

Splash Zone Corrosion

Splash Zone Repairs/Corrosion Protection – MADCON SCR System- Type I Repair Patented & Proprietary

Parted Conductor Repair & Strengthening

Parted Conductor Repair and Strengthening Project

Parted Conductor, Corroded/missing section surface casing, Production casing reinforced with carbon fiber, MADCON SCR Process Type 4 Bonded Sleeve Employed for Structural Repair (Patent Protected).