Concrete Cylinder Piling Structural Repairs

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MADCON SCR Type 1 Repair FRP with Epoxy Grout with Carbon Fiber Finish Coat of Paint

MADCON was contracted by a major oil & gas operator to perform repairs to 54” concrete cylinder pilings supporting a compressor platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jetty Repair – Guinea, West Africa

Structural Repairs to Jetty Pilings

Structural Composite Retrofit System – Utilizing advanced composite technologies, this patented system is engineered to provide complete structural restoration of conductors, jacket legs, bracing, pilings, risers, and other marine structures.  Repairs are performed both above and below the water.

Dewatering and Precision Grouting

Precision Grouting

In 2009 MADCON performed extensive engineering, analysis, and testing to validate our proprietary dewatering and precision grouting technique.  Shortly afterward, MADCON completed the first GOM project.  Compared to traditional grouting methods, MADCON’s specialized grouting techniques have proven to be safer and more economical.

Conductor Repair & Strengthening

Conductor Repair & Strengthening Project

Conductor Repair & Strengthening Case Study – Sub Sea Parted Conductor, Grouted Conductor to SC Annulus, MADCON Structural Bonded Clamp. (Patent Protected), (-)25 to (-)20 meters, Full structural restoration, Project duration 7 days utilizing 8-man crew.