Concrete Repair Services – Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway-Concrete Repair

Operating under the authority of the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission; the North and Southbound parallel bridges provide a key transportation artery crossing Lake Pontchartrain to New Orleans.

Parted Conductor Repair


Parted Conductor Repair Project: Parted Conductor, Grouted Conductor to SC Annulus, MADCON SCR Process Type 4 Bonded Sleeve Employed for Structural Repair (Patent Protected).

Collapsed Well

Collapsed Well Project

Collapsed Well Project – Routine inspections by the Operator & Regulatory Authorities did not report any issues with this flowing well, In subsequent inspections, MADCON technicians discovered subtle, tell-tale signs of a collapsed surface casing.

MADCON EI-32 Profile Summary

Completed Structural Repairs

Case Study: Offshore living quarters supported by timber pilings, Timber pilings had severely deteriorated and the operator was forced to de-man the living quarters, MADCON provided a full structural repair to all pilings utilizing our proprietary repair techniques, Living quarters were placed back in service.